5 Signs You Need A New SEO Web Designer

#1 – You need more websites

Say goodbye if you hear an SEO recommend that you build multiple websites either as a linking tool by linking them together, or because it’s easier to optimize a different site for a different engine. Unless you have two-or-more incompatible topics (a work site and a personal blog for example) you have no need for more than one site. And as a link building tactic it hasn’t worked in a good number of years.

#2 – Auto Generated Content

If your SEO is using any kind of tool to automatically generate content of any kind it’s time to shake hands and be done.

#3 You Don’t Need Link Building

If your SEO is not doing link building of some type and yet is telling you they can get you rankings for anything but the lowest competition phrases you might not need to run but you definitely need them to justify what they’re saying. However, if you have a 6 year old site with a lot of good links already but there are some onsite issues that keep it from ranking then they may be telling the truth. If you have a new site and/or low link counts then they are not.

#4 Black Hat Tactics

If they’re recommending the use of any black hat tactics then you’re in trouble. I can’t possibly list off everything that fits this category but a quick read of Google’s webmaster guidelines should help. If you read these guidelines and some of the tactics seems amiss, questioning your SEO is completely justified. You can find some great examples and information on black hat SEO on the Wikipedia site at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-hat_SEO.

#5 Pay For More Site Submissions

Advertises that they will “Submit your website to 18 billion search engines for just $x” or mention top rankings on engines you have barely heard of is a clear issue. There are a lot of search engines out there and in fact, there are a lot of pretty unique engines with some great offerings however when it comes down to brass tacks – there are four engines that matter when it comes to traffic (at least from a universally-applicable standpoint). If an SEO is promising you great rankings on an engine like Dogpile with their whopping 0.5% of the search engine market share you may want to ask what they can do about the 91.8% of the search engine market share that’s controlled by the top 4 search engines (47.9% Google, 28.1% Yahoo!, 10.6% Microsoft and 5.2% Ask).

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