Jerry Thrasher

Successful Social Media Strategy – The 3 P’s, pt1

Social Media is a relationship building process with a big payoff but it is time consuming and requires a big commitment. A half effort can do more harm than good.

Preparation – Time and Resources

Social Media Strategy

To assess our needs, we need to listen to your customers and take inventory of our resources. Social media is social and requires a conversation. By listening, we discover our customers’ needs, wants, and dislikes. “Step one in our corporate social media program is to listen. Listen before you talk. Walk before you run.”

Through effective listening, we will know our audience and which sites they visit most. We must target these locations first. To be social we must have someone with to converse. The top social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Foursquare is a social platform that can assist sales in brick and mortar stores. Foursquare rewards customer check-ins at different locations. After we know our conversation, we can set goals with specific benchmarks.

Resources needed include time, technical and design skills, and computing power.

“It’s often said that SMM takes a lot more time than money. This isn’t true when you begin to factor in the amount of resources it takes to implement a full-blown strategy. You can’t overlook the fact that either you or your staff will have a variety of tasks to complete even before you start tweeting, blogging, and so on.”

Preparation begins with listening to the likes and wants our customers. We must target the places our customers visit most. Our company has the technical and design skills needed but additional human resources may be required.

To be continued – this is part 1 of 3.

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