WANTED: $50 Bounty!

You’ll never know who your employees might know if you don’t ask. I put up a wanted poster in a pizza restaurant with a $50 bounty for any large catering orders and within a few weeks I paid my first bounty. It was an order for over $1000.00 in pizza. He was happy – he also delivered the pizza and received a $50 tip + the bounty.

Of course I was happy, we broke another sales record that week. Total investment 2 “Wanted” posters and of course the bounty.

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1 thought on “WANTED: $50 Bounty!

  1. Jerry, I think that your ideas are always great. big or small, you seem to find a way to boost sales. I am proud to of worked with you while, not only was your work excellent, you always get me thinking of great ideas, and that is the key to success. I want to share that when I asked you to work on my marketing and social media, YUou took charge and handled it as if you cared for my company like it was your own. So if anyone is considering calling 2xsales I highly reccomend you do so!

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