Word Press – Still Best Choice

For many companies Word Press is still the best choice out there. Word Press is a very powerful CMS that has grown from simple blogs to very detailed websites. We use Word Press for many of our clients, in fact this site is running on Word Press. Here is why we recommend it:

  • User-friendly: there is almost no learning-curve for WordPress, anybody can learn how to use it. If you can access your email and post on Facebook you will have little to no issues with Word Press. Note: Theme customization will require knowledge of html and css.
  • Easy to update your website: WordPress is great for clients that often post new pictures or change content. Why pay a web designer to make every change on the site if you can do it yourself?
  • Allows for accountability: since all users can have their own login, it is easy to keep track of who makes changes.
  • Plenty of plugins: there are plugins for everything, allowing for great flexibility – plugins for admin, AJAX, categories, comments, content, email, Facebook, feeds, flash, galleries, google, images, javascript, jquerylinks, links. media, pages, photos, posts, rss, seo, shortcodes, sidebars, social, spam, stats, twitter, video, widgets, youtube, and that is just the top 30 search terms for plugins.
  • Completely customizable: you can create a unique website just like you would with HTML or expensive designer software.
  • It’s free!
Afraid of outgrowing Word Press? We are not!
Here is a list of some large companies that use Word Press –


  1. Ebay

    The online auction giant uses WordPress to power its blog, Ebay Ink. We love the casual look and feel of the site, and its great use of color.

  2. CNN

    Anderson Cooper 360

    CNN uses WordPress to manage the site for Anderson Cooper’s show: Anderson Cooper 360°. The site is updated several times a day with articles, videos, user polls and Cooper’s Twitter feed. It acts as a behind-the-scene look at the show.

  3. Mashable

    Mashable Screenshot

    Mashable is the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Mashable has 19 millions page views a day and receives more than 20 millions unique visitors per month.

  4. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    UALR Screenshot

    The University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s website is dynamic and modern, thanks to WordPress. The entire site uses WordPress, but the best part resides in the homepage. The main picture, posts, events and navigation are all easily managed through the use of different WordPress features. Every department has access to manage their own page, allowing for rapid and convenient updates.

  5. TechCrunch

    TechCrunch Screenshot

    TechCrunch is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. The website receives more than 13 million page views a day.

  6. Spotify

    Spotify Screenshot

    Spotify is an emerging leader of the music streaming industry. Spotify chose WordPress to power their website, which is a showcase of their products and offering. We love how the company showcases Spotify’s features (as seen here) with an easy, flowing navigation.

  7. UPS

    UPS Racing Screenshot

    UPS uses WordPress for the UPS Racing Team website. This site features behind the scenes video, photo galleries, blog posts, twitter updates, games, and promotions for the UPS Racing team and their fans. WordPress allows UPS to integrate social media throughout its content, and the custom administration module allows editors to update promotional content on most pages.

  8. Mozilla Labs

    Mozilla Labs Screenshot

    Mozilla – the famous company that gives us Firefox – created Mozilla Labs which is a virtual lab where people come together to create, experiment, and play with new Web innovations and technologies. WordPress allows Mozilla Labs to easily display their current projects through simple and intuitive navigation.

  9. Dymo

    Dyno Screenshot

    Dymo’s Industrial site is a great showcase of WordPress’s functionalities: it uses location based store finder, custom post types, events, and makes a great use of WordPress’s  features. The result is an attractive, professional and usable website.

    Still not convinced? <click here> or on an image below.

    The New York Times  ForbesMP3.comELLE GirlCNN Political Ticker    General Motors

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