Top 10 Sites For Article Submission

Articles Increase Exposure, Traffic, and Web Rank

Use this free list to submit your website to all the top article sites. Submitting your blogs to these directories would surely increase the traffic rank. Some of the directories allow your articles to get published instantly while the others initially review your articles before publishing them online. Make several variations of your article and submit to multiple sites.

#1 – (Google Page Rank 8)

A great place for writers, content writers, publishers, authors, or simply for any content-contributors who write about anything – local News articles, events, hobbies, personal development,entertainment, etc. There are 25 writing categories. Writing or submitting articles on Examiner can fetch you good amount of online earnings too. Many of the established writers (they are called Examiners, actually) write articles solely to earn good consistent income on a monthly basis. Submitting articles on Examiner can raise SEO and Google page rankings for your website and it can boost up online branding of your products.

#2 – Technorati (Google Page Rank 8)

One of the most popular free article directory submission sites among bloggers. Submit free articles and your blog gets a high volume of traffic and incoming back links (no-follow) through the articles posted on this article submission directory website. No spamming allowed-only genuinely created articles are accepted!

#3 – eHow (Google Page Rank 7)

One of the best free directory submission sites on the Internet.The very old (launched in 1999) and the one among the most used and trusted article submission websites for the excellent and best kinds of bloggers, freelancers, and article writers on the internet. Best-in-class top website/directory for article submission.

#4 – Squidoo (Google Page Rank 7)

Squidoo provides great article writing features for publishers around the world. As an article submission directory Squidoo offers great search engine traffic to your published articles ( they call it Lenses ! ). Articles published on Squidoo get really good searches. Your articles also get huge visibility through the Squidoo’s own community writers (they are called Lensmaster at Squidoo). Squidoo has high page rank as well as a good Alexa rank. Writing articles on Squidoo can earn you really good money (your published articles earn you shared revenue through sponsored and Google AdSense ads) as well as good back links to your main, original blog or website.

#5 – The Free Library (Google Page Rank 7)

The Free Library offers vast and huge online content for free. It has more than three million articles submitted to it by many thousands of writers and publisher. It has a section of published online articles divided according to date, type of publication, publishers name. This is really a top listed, best reviewed, huge article submission directory with lots of categories and listings. The high page rank is nice too.

#6 – Ezine Articles (Google Page Rank 6) 

This is a content driven,highly rated,and reviewed article submission directory website for bloggers and publishers. Ezine articles is probably the best and most popular directory among those publishers/writers who want to promote their own website and blog by writing authoritativearticles on this.As One of the oldest directory submission sites in the world this directory is mostly utilized for getting high traffic and page rank for any website or blog.

#7 – Hub Pages (Google Page Rank 6)

Submitting your articles on Hub Pages is similar to Squidoo. Hub Pages is an online community/publishing platform for freelancers, bloggers, writers, and publishers.Your published articles (called Hubs) get to earn shared revenues through Google AdSense or sponsored ads displaying on your Hubs. Hub Pages is a really very popular article submission directory among bloggers and webmasters for creating good back links and generating huge viral/organic traffic to your own blogs.Articles submitted to Hub Pages gain a quick page rank and good number of page views through search engines.

#8 – Articles Base (Google Page Rank 6)

Articles Base provides online articles for publishing on blogs or websites for free. In this way your submitted articles can get a really huge combined search engine traffic provided by these websites or blogs that use your free articles (author credits and links are posted intact). Even a good number of direct visitors to Articles Base may visit your original website or blog.

#9 – Buzzle.Com (Google Page Rank 5)

free directory list

Buzzle’s tagline says, “Intelligent life on the web”.There are more than 25 article categories for which you can submit your articles to As a content contributor you are expected to write articles that are up to the standard and reputation of the directory. Don’t put too many links, or affiliate links which could be termed as spam and in that case your articles will get deleted without notice. Write solid article, make your own niche and generate good promotion for your base site in no time.

#10 – (Google Page Rank 5)  

 This website is mainly for established writers and freelance authors, hence very less used for submitting articles. It has a great Alexa and Google page rank due to the presence of a huge volume of excellent articles written by its registered regular writers. Again, if you want to write articles regularly on to earn good constant money, you can also link back to your own blog/website, if you have you own. is a very vast and big online library/directory for published articles in 24 different categories on more than a thousand topics! You can write for regularly to earn money.