How to Get Retweeted More Often

There is an art to getting ReTweets with etiquette and phrases that are most often used and seen. Here is a rundown on how to place yourself in a position to get ReTweeted.


First off, you need to leave room to even ask for a “@RT.” If there is credit to be given in your Tweet, make sure to mention it. Retain as much originality as you can.

Tweet Length

twittericon3The most commonly length Tweet that is seen more ReTweets is 71-100 characters. The second highest is 100+ characters. However, maintaining 71-100 characters will leave you room to add in RT, @username, and a comment.

URLs and Tags

Almost 30% of Tweets have a URL in them with a little over 20% of ReTweets containing a URL. Over 10% of normal Tweets contain at least one hashtag with over 20% of ReTweets containing at least one hastag as well.

Most ReTweetable Phrases and Words

Some of the key words and phrases seen with ReTweets are: “Please ReTweet,” “Follow,” “Social Media,” “Free,” “Check Out,” “10,” “Blog Post,” Great Twitter,” “You,” “Post.”

Those who ask, “Please ReTweet” see a 51% rate followed by “PleaseRT” at 39% rate of retweets. If you use neither of these and do not ask for a ReTweet, users saw only a 12% retweet rate.

Time and Day

The peak time of day for Tweets is between 8-5pm with ReTweets mostly occurring from Noon to 2pm. The number one day of the week that saw the most ReTweets was Friday with a drastic decrease over the weekend and slow climb back up to Friday from Tuesday throughout.

5 Tips to Get More ReTweets

1. Tweet Links
2. Ask for a RT
3. Stop Talking About You
4. Say New Things
5. Tweet about Twitter