Logo Apparel Makes Branding Easier

Custom Logo Apparel Takes Branding the Next Level – Sales!

Here is an example. You see a man in the grocery store wearing coveralls with a Firestone logo. It is easy to assume he works at the tire shop down the street. Standing next to him in line is a woman in plain clothes.  If you needed new tires which person would you ask first?

The man, of course. You would have to make multiple guesses to find that the woman works at an even larger company (Costco). Both could help you but Costco missed the opportunity from lack of branding. Maybe their shirts should say “Kirkland” on them.

Embroidered Shirts and Jackets

Embroidery LogoI use embroidered shirts and jackets because of the many inquiries I get from them. Whether standing at the checkout in the store or sitting in a doctors office people ask “what is 2X Sales?”

It is like flashing my business card to everyone I see. Be sure to have business cards on you too. There have been times when I am caught off guard when some asks for a business card after asking “what is 2X Sales?”

Best Deal on Custom Embroidery

The best deal I have found on custom embroidery for shirts, hats, jackets, and more is Queensboro. They offer free embroidery and free set-up. As of today you can get a custom logo on a Luxury Hybrid Polo with Anionic Energy Plus for $12.50 with free shipping. That’s over an $85 value. Below is a screenshot of the offer.

Queensboro Apparel

Plus, Queensboro offers you a $25 credit when you refer your friends and they order. Here is my link http://www.queensboro.com/ref/NNEQRNOQMUN. You click, order a great shirt at an awesome price and I get a credit to do the same. After your first order they will give you a link to get free stuff too.

Regardless of where you order your Embroidered Apparel remember your return of investment (ROI) will be multiplied.