Keep Your Website Fresh With Guest Writers

Why Accept Guest Writers for Your Site or Blog?

There are a number of good reasons for utilizing guest writers. Additionally, there are a lot of writers or “experts” that are willing to write an article or blog post. Let’s take a look at the positive and negative.

Guest Writers Free Up Your Time

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This can be true but not always the case. This depends on the amount of monitoring or editing needed. While some sites can just give full access to a guest writer to make regular posts, others need to meticulously read and edit any content added to their site.

Fresh Content

It is important to add fresh content to your site on a regular basis. This is important for SEO reasons plus it gives readers a reason to return for something new.

Sense of Community

Adding more writers to your site adds a sense of community. It shows you are well connected and a team player. Find “experts” for your related topic. If the content is good don’t be afraid to give someone new a chance too.


Everyone sees life through their own perspective. It is good to give a little variety with multiple perspectives. This can help readers connect and come back more often.

Big Business

Collaborators can make your business look larger than it is. For small businesses this can help get new clients and reassure current ones they made the right choice.


You will loose some level of control. Not everyone writes the same and if the article is completely rewritten it is no longer a guest writers work.

Are you ready to take a chance and add a new dimension to your website?

I am.   Let me introduce you to Ramya Raju who contacted me a couple weeks ago via Facebook and asked if she could contribute to this site. Ramya is a freelance writer and web designer. I just received her first submission. You can look for it in our next post.

Want to contribute too?

It all starts with an awesome domain! $1.99 .COM Domain from GoDaddy!
This offer is open to more than just Ramya. If you would like to submit an article for this blog it needs to offer free marketing advise. You can pick any ideas related to marketing but it needs to benefit the reader and not be a sales pitch. I read all submissions! I will make minor edits, and return submissions if needed. Please send all submissions to or use our contact page