Email Marketing For Beginners

Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re trying to branch out into more areas of marketing to expand your reach, here are five reasons I have complied as to why Constant Contact might be the right email marketing tool for you.

Free Email Marketing Tutorials and Guides

Constant Contact is great for email marketing, especially for beginners, as it has many features designed for easy use and simplicity. These include numerous tutorials, guides, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Importing Email Contacts

Importing your list of email contacts, no matter how big or small, is easy with Constant Contact. The system is set up to make the process quick and simple for you.

Professional and Engaging Email Campaign Templates

Email MarketingAs a business owner and/or marketer, professionalism is very important to us. Besides wanting your emails to ooze professionalism, it is also really important for them to be engaging for your customers. This engagement can come from the email being helpful, interesting, creative, and/or funny. Constant Contact gives many options for you to launch email campaigns that will prove to be professional and engaging by offering several, varied templates including mobile optimized options.

Social Media Campaigns

Constant Contact also offers Social campaigns, which make it easy to run social media promotions that will grow fans and create word of mouth. Best part – you can try Social Campaigns free for 30 days.

Email Marketing Campaign Reports and Results

Within just two days of sending your email, Constant Contact provides detailed reports of the success of your email marketing campaign. These reports are filled with invaluable information including the open rate, number of clicks, and number of opt outs.
I hope this helps you to get started with Constant Contact and launch your successful, engaging email campaign! Stay tuned for more marketing and design info and tips! 🙂