Understanding Search Engines

How Complex Are Search Engines?


Search Engines are very complex. First they crawl the web with spiders gathering text and links from nearly every page on the internet. It is estimated that there is 3.7 trillion pages on the internet globally. Tip – Make important information easy for the spiders to find.

Link Analysis

All pages are evaluated for connections between sites found by spiders on the page. Web pages have an average of 72.4 links per page across the internet. However, only 14% are external links. Tip – Links are very important!

Semantic Analysis

Semantic Analysis classifies every page based on the word found by the spiders on the page. The size of the digital universe is estimated at 1.8 Zettabytes. Over a fast cable modem it would take 91,324 years to download. Tip – Content is very important!


A search engine index is designed to allow the rapid retrieval of the best answers to an arbitrary search query. The average search time for search queries is only .04 seconds.

There are approximately 61,000 internet searches every second and 2,267,233,742 internet users globally. That is over 2.2 billion internet users compared to the total global population of 7 billion. That equates to nearly 1/3 of everyone in the world is on the the internet.

Putting It All Together

When you combine search engine algorithms, software to analyze the sites, web site developers using hundreds of different development tools, and trillions of web pages on the internet – it is amazing the search engines are as accurate and fast as they are.

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Search Engine Complexity Infographic
Courtesy Stone Temple Consulting

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