What is Facebook Edgerank?

Edgerank: What It Is and 5 Key Ways to Improve It

By Anne Perez

Ever wonder why you only see a few of your friends and fans show up in your Facebook news feed? It’s all down to Edgerank.

What is Edgerank?

FB Edgerank

Edge is the name given to each piece of content that is created and posted in Facebook, whether it is a like, share, comment, photo, video, tag, note, or anything else. It’s all about interaction and engagement and Facebook has created an algorithm to measure the interaction each piece of content (edge) gets. Consequently creating content that creates interaction with Facebook users in the form of liking, sharing and or commenting, results in a higher edgerank and a higher place in your friends’ and Fans’ News feed.

Affinity * Weight *Time

The algorithm known as Edgerank is measure by the equation affinity times weight times time. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.


A score given to how many likes, shares, tags, comments etc, that your content and any interactions with your content receives.


Weight is the rank given to the type of content that you create. For example videos rank higher than photos which in turn rank higher than text only posts.


How recent is your post. The speed at which Facebook users interact with your content determines how high you score in time. The faster the better since the assumption is made that more recent content is more relevant and current than older content.

Key ways to Improve Edgerank

1. Publish content that gets interaction from Facebook users such as questions, trivia, games, contests

2. Create a Forum: Make your fan page the go to place for lively discussions on anything related to your industry

3. Encourage your readers to take action on your content. To like, comment, and share your posts with their friends.

4. Share links with your friends and fans. Provide valuable content. Require users to click on the links you provide. Don’t be afraid to promote interesting content from other sources The more content of value you share the more chance you have of driving followers to your own content when the time is right.

5. Keep your content fresh If an object you’ve posted, a photo, video, link, article isn’t getting response let it go and move onto the next thing or re post the content at a different time of day. There may not be enough people on Facebook to view your content when you actually post it.

Edgerank is sometimes known as news feed optimization to compare it with Google’s S.E.O. It’s not an exact science and varies with every user over time. However, if you post valuable, interesting, interactive content you’ll succeed at getting your messages seen.

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