Free Text Message (SMS) Marketing Platform

How to build a free text message (SMS) marketing platform that does not require a monthly service charge.

Here is a 100% free text message marketing system via Twitter?

Most have heard of Twitter but what many do not know is that Twitter can be used as a text (sms) broadcasting tool – and best of all, it does not cost you any money to implement and use. We are talking about no set up fees, monthly fees, or charges per text.

This free text message marketing system is, at it’s core, built upon the Twitter platform. All you need is an exclusive (dedicated) Twitter profile to run your text messaging campaigns and that’s it.

First, create a Twitter profile that’s exclusive – or dedicated – to be used only for your text message marketing campaigns. You will use this Twitter handle (or name) of your Twitter profile by telling people to text “follow yourtwittername” (without quotes) to 40404.  And once somebody sends “follow yourtwittername” to 40404, and they are instantly added to your text message list.

Next, as the owner of “yourtwittername” Twitter profile, all you have to do is login (via your computer, mobile phone, Twitter iPhone app, whatever…) and send out your message.  Once you do, everyone who’s signed up on your Twitter list will receive a text message instantly.

Quick example “how to” SMS Marketing for Free

This is a real example. At 2X Sales Results Group we offer free marketing tips. These are available via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus, and our Tips page. To make these tips available by text message (sms) all we had to do is advertise the following:

For free daily marketing tips text – follow 2xsales to 40404

Now anyone who sent that text will receive marketing tips every time we tweet one.

Here is another example of Free Text Marketing.

I just set up a profile named 2XText. The Twitter handle is @2XText. The url for the profile is I can now set up any promotion; 20% off, free trial offer, daily specials, $ off, and so on…

Now that I have my Twitter handle (2XText), I can now start promoting and building my text message marketing list.  What I want to do now is start promoting my free text message list by putting a sign at the entrance of my business that says:

Get on 2X Sales Results Group text message list to receive exclusive deals, discounts and free offers…  Just sent a text message to 40404 that says “follow 2XText” (without quotes), and that’s it – you’re signed up! This message can also be promoted on websites, social media, print, and so on…

Important Reminders:

  • Keep your text (tweet) under 140 characters
  • Include a call to action
  • Be ready – text messages are received within minutes
  • Include dates – like today only, exp 3.3.13, or valid 3/1 to 3/7
  • Track your responses to narrow in on best offers to promote

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The Amazing Statistic With Text Messages

The most amazing part of this whole thing is the statistic associated with text messages.

Did you know that 97% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received?  That’s an astounding number – something that even the best email marketing campaigns have never been able to achieve… not even close!

With Four billion mobile phones out there, 86% of mobile users said that they receive or send at least one text message per week, though often it is much more. Last year alone, 7.8 trillion SMS messages were sent. It is estimated that SMS traffic will reach, if not surpass, 9.6 trillion messages by the end of this year,

With all the marketing images consumers see daily, marketers constantly have to create new, engaging imagery and campaigns all the time. The fact that SMS messages are direct to the customer is definitely a big plus- even if someone is on the go, they’re very likely to check their text messages and see what you have to say. Another perk is that there is so much less need to compete with other media in this form, because it is a fairly new way of marketing products and ideas to clients.

2X Sales Results Group offers SMS Marketing Management and Tutoring. For a Free 1 Hour consultation call toll free (877) 287-1422, fill out the contact form on this site, or email