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AJ Bombers is the best burger joint in Milwaukee. Period. They also have a rock solid (albeit a bit more complex) integration that brings their website content into the site through “More AJB” tab on Facebook and offer a link to their gift card site through Facebook as well. If you did nothing but fan AJ Bombers on Facebook, you’d be in the loop on everything they do. Specials, media mentions, cool fan updates and just about everything that happens in the restaurant makes it onto Facebook.

AJ Bombers

Make Facebook a one-stop-shop for everything that anyone could want to know about your business.

Make sure everything (menu, hours, location, phone) is on the page to make it easy for them to find you and do business with you. Mention your other products and programs (like gift cards) on Facebook tabs. Integration location marketing into your online (and offline, through window stickers and such) strategy to encourage visitorship and to make each visit matter that much more (turning your best, most connected patrons in a “daily viral visitors”) Mirror your web page in a Facebook tab Shout out to and connect your best fans by their Twitter handles (add those to your customer database!)

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