Successful Social Media Strategy – The 3 P’s, pt3

Performance – Measurable Outcome

A marketing campaign is not complete without performance analysis. We can measure social contacts count, interactions, sales, or a combination of these. Tracking some social media can be difficult to quantify but software is also available to assist.

Many social platforms have built in analytics. Once a facebook page has more than “30 likes” we can access Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights tracks posts, people talking about this, and weekly total reach. This data can be exported in Excel (.xls or .csv) format. Google Analytics can also track related visits to and from the company website.

LinkedIn and YouTube both have insights. For sites like twitter, the use of outside analytics like HootSuite is available. HootSuite has a robust analytics system and has a really nice overview of the Social Analytics reports.

Online ads can also assist in measuring social media campaigns. “Paid online advertising can support social media marketing in a couple of different ways. In paid search results, we can often more quickly identify key phrases that bring converting traffic to our site. That quickness allows us to then focus on those key phrases in both SEO and social media. Conversely, as time-sensitive news or events occur, we can use paid search to drive traffic even to our social profiles or content. Paid advertising on social platforms can also help to support our standing within those communities.”

Social media marketing is all about increasing brand awareness—but also about moving from awareness to engagement to, ultimately, advocacy. By having conversations with consumers, we’re creating relationships that, on paper, translate into greater ROI—an increase in customer loyalty.

Performance can be measured using built in insights on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn or with independent analytics like HootSuite. Insights can measure posting activity, interaction, and reach. Google analytics can measure related visits to the company website.

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